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Representative Work

  • Successfully defended as “lead chair” at trial a foreign-domiciled manufacturer of industrial equipment and prevailed against breach of warranty and breach of contract claims totaling $65,000,000+ during 6+ years of complex state court litigation; issues presented included complex transnational conflict of laws questions between U.S. law, California law, Delaware law, and the laws of the Kingdom of Denmark; client held not liable for any amount and was indemnified for substantial portion of its attorneys’ fees incurred
  • Successfully defended as “lead chair” and prevailed against $50,000,000+ class action securities fraud, directors’ liability claim, and Rule 10b-5 action asserted by investors against directors of publicly-traded bank holding company and its bank and non-bank subsidiaries; clients held not liable for any amount
  • Successfully defended three state-chartered banks and a federally-chartered bank holding company against series of adverse takeover attempts and proxy fights involving both litigation and non-litigation strategies; all clients prevailed in their claims for injunctive relief and monetary damages
  • Negotiated and settled Internal Revenue Service claim of $17,000,000+ for income tax deficiency down to $54,000 during course of 5+ years of appellate tax litigation, and succeeded in protecting clients from criminal prosecution for tax evasion
  • Served as court-appointed Chairman of the Unsecured Creditors’ Committee in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding involving a $100,000,000+ investment pool concentrating on energy projects in the Western United States
  • Structured and procured $100,000,000+ in non-recourse and partial-recourse project financing for alternative, renewable energy projects located in California, Utah, and Colorado 
  • Structured, registered, and closed numerous public offerings as well as private placements of equity securities and debt instruments for numerous commercial banks, bank holding companies, and non-banking corporations
  • Represented Switzerland-based investor group in multiple developments and acquisitions of U.S.-domiciled alternative energy project properties involving a commitment of U.S. $3 billion
  • Negotiated and consummated numerous merger, sale, and acquisition transactions on behalf of privately-owned corporate clients being acquired by both publicly-traded and privately-held companies
  • Provided due diligence, taxation, and related legal opinions incident to a variety of securities and financing transactions for a publicly-traded client involving a total of $250,000,000+ in project development and working capital financing
  • Past member of a total of 19 separate corporate Boards of Directors including an independent commercial state-chartered bank and a federally-chartered bank holding company
  • Past Corporate Officer of a total of 16 separate corporations involved in investment banking, project financing, manufacturing, real property developments, energy development, and service businesses
  • Fellow, Society for Advanced Legal Studies (London) (nominated and elected 2011) 
  • One of 5 original founders of the International Renewable Energy Professionals Association in 1987 (Lugano, Switzerland) 
  • Founding Member, Subcommittee on Real Property Litigation, American Bar Association, 1981 
  • Society of Industry Leaders, an affiliate of Vista Research, Inc., a Standard & Poor's Business ("In Recognition of Excellence in Advising and Consulting for Energy Exploration and Production Companies")