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Our Founder

Gary L. Marsh commenced his legal career in 1976 as law clerk to the senior partner in a California-based a.v.-rated business transactional and litigation firm. He was admitted to practice law in California January 7, 1981, and in Colorado on May 17, 2003. He has over 39 years in practice principally in the areas of corporate, business transactional, commercial, asset protection planning, finance, and real estate law, and business litigation prosecution and defense. His extremely diverse practice has also included estate planning, intellectual property, computer and cyber law, international trade, real property, energy (non-renewable and renewable), mining, oil and gas, project finance, water rights, mergers and acquisitions, taxation, securities, banking and bank regulatory, bankruptcy and insolvency, labor, ERISA, insurance, antitrust, administrative, construction, white-collar criminal (including defense of RICO prosecutions), general criminal defense, appellate, and aviation law. He has represented clients in connection with transactions within the United States; Canada; Mexico; the United Kingdom; Germany; Switzerland; Austria; Denmark; Portugal; China; Hong Kong; Singapore; Australia; South Africa; the Philippines; South Korea; Taiwan; Russia (formerly the U.S.S.R.); Vanuatu; the Cook Islands; Panama; the Cayman Islands; the United Arab Emirates; Kuwait; Costa Rica; and Belize. 

He graduated from Loyola Law School (Los Angeles). J.D., cum laude, in June, 1980, where he was the winner of the American Jurisprudence Award for Excellence in Torts. He graduated in the top 10% of his class while working at his law firm clerkship job 80+ hours per week. He was the youngest (at 19) student to ever matriculate at Loyola Law School. His LSAT score in 1977 of 712 was in the highest 1/2-of-1% of all law school applicants nationwide. Prior to his early admission to law school, he completed a 4-year curriculum in 2 years at Gonzaga University and Loyola-Marymount University (double major in finance and accounting), and a 4-year law school curriculum in 3 years.  In 1987, he departed from the a.v.-rated Long Beach-based law firm of Cayer, Marsh, Kilstofte & Craton, of which he was the Managing Partner (less than 10% of all U.S. firms achieve this coveted Martindale-Hubbell rating), to found Marsh & Associates, which was then based in Newport Beach, California.